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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Top 10 Secrets - Vote for all your favorites!!

After a thorough evaluation and careful consideration we have our top ten secrets ... and 47 more.  Help us whittle our list down to 10.  Vote for ALL your favorite secrets...it could be 57 or it could be 2, it doesn't matter.  
The selection process is quite simple;  If a secret made you feel anything beyond a basic, "hmmm" or "oh" , it was a good  secret.  
Considering that our thorough evaluation and careful consideration process consisted of a very cursory look at the posted secrets, one or 10 good ones may have slipped past, so feel free to post it in the comments and we'll be sure to send it through our rigorous evaluation system again.

  1.  I like people less when I find out they dont like cats.
  2. My wife and I got kicked out of a swimming pool in a motel at Lake Chelan for skinny dipping.
  3. Vegas Confession: - Payed for hooker and didn't even get sex!
  4. My wife thinks she married up, but most people think she's unfortunate
  5. I have catered weddings for 5 years & we always take bets on 1) how long it will last 2) how drunk the bride will get & 3)sometimes get drunk on the job
  6. I love to squeeze jello thru my teeth
  7. Being Chinese makes me uncomfortable
  8. My son became a criminal and died a violent death because of his reactions to my selfish neglect of him in his childhood
  9. I don't speak spanish, but everyone thinks I do.
  10. I don't really want this new tandem!!
  11. I started Roller derby because I couldn't cut myself anymore but I keep doing it because I don't want to anymore.
  12. One time I cheated playing scrabble and flipped over some tiles to pretend they were blanks.
  13. I feel somewhat responsible for my little brother's problems :(
  14. I'm missing my two front teeth.
  15. I do not like my bruthrs
  16. I have one thousand dollars in my back yard.
  17. When I clean my room I really just throw it all under the bed
  18. I don't really like lemonade
  19. I have a secret hidden desire to kiss my boss.
  20. The name of the guy on the Alaska Airlines Airplane is Chester.
  21. I hate riding bikes.
  22. I'm not sure I calculate my business taxes correctly
  23. I farted in the classroom and I was the teacher !!!
  24. I sometimes feed my cat an extra meal (He is on a diet)
  25. I sucked my thumb until I was 35 yrs old!  Thanks
  26. I hate my girlfriend but I tell her I love her.
  27. I would like to leave my boyfriend but am afraid of being alone.
  28. We've bought my husband a surprise birthday balloon ride but he might be scared of heights...
  29. Fear of Heights.
  30. I have to fart.  But I'm riding with a girl I'm trying to impress.  Painful.
  31. I have secret money hidden away!
  32. I purposely push myself too hard at work so when I come home, i don't have to do any chores because I am "too tired"
  33. Sometimes I like when our cats come and wake us up, even though my girlfriend hates when that happens. :)
  34. I have guilt regarding my brother.  We have no relationship, & it makes me incredibly sad
  35. I can't blow up balloons!
  36. I cheated on all my lovers.  (I don't do it anymore, got married)
  37. I have pee stains on my underwear
  38. I feel broken...  Thanks you for the lemonade. ---------this guy.
  39. I'm going to do the stp in one day on saturday for the first time, but i am going to have my brother follow me in my car to drive me to portland if I get too tired or to the nearest hotel and ride the rest of the way on sunday.
  40. I am a straight guy and love romantic movies
  41. I'm a pre op Boy
  42. One time I peed in my backyard when I was locked out.
  43. I secretly pretend I'm from england or france - je parle francais
  44. I wish I knew how to tell people that my dad is sick.  I feel too awkward about it
  45. I once ate all my friend's pie.
  46. Left 4, Right 10, left 20
  47. I rode the STP but on the 2nd day I cheated and drove 70 miles and then biked to the finish line to get a ribbon.
  48. Confession I like my dog more than my cat
  49. I'm supposed to be in a faculty meeting
  50. I'm not wearing underwear
  51. I talk to myself in a British accent.
  52.  I get my spanish friend to do my spanish homework.
  53. When it is a cloudy day me and my friend play Zoo Tycoon 2
  54. I broke the keys on my dad's laptop and blamed it on my friends.
  55. I often cheat at board games to beat my 8 and 10 year old nephews.
  56. I sometimes can't stand people. Would rather be with dogs


Anonymous said...

I can't stand being around my "best friend" 90% of the time

The Shea-ZAM(tm) Lunaverse said...

You are so right, Anon. That is a great secret. Anyone else who agrees, vote for it in comments cuz there's no way to edit the poll and I really don't want to rewrite the poll. But so far the tally stands at 2 votes (you and me Anon) for

I can't stand being around my best friend 90% of the time

and if you agree, let us know!!