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Friday, July 16, 2010

Commentary and Secrets 14 year old boys wear girls' underwear (JULY 10)

Business was slow. I mean really slow. We (Stephanie and I ) got 4, maybe 5, secrets in the first 2 hours, but then came a group of 14 (±) year old boys (note all the confessions of liking girl music - come on, guys, we know you wear girl underwear, too admit it!) and it was like someone opened the flood gates; people started pouring in! Business was booming, and although we heard many " "No thank you's", "Haha, that's nice" and even one, "No hotdogs? No hamburgers? " between pouring cups of lemonade, within a few short hours our confessional box was busting at the seams.

We started with 3 gallons of lemonade and ended with half a gallon for a total of 29 secrets.

Post by Luna
  1. This is my first dog walk in many days.
  2. I'm supposed to be in a faculty meeting
  3. I like lemonade
  4. I cheated on my nutrition final.
  5. A freyd uv miyn dad win ty wus in matheyous biyth no wun wus ther butattiy (best guess translation: a friend of mine's dad went with us in matthews beach.  no one was there but (?))
  6. I can't wait to have kids :)
  7. I once made a batch of cupcakes for my class.  On the way inside, I dropped half of them on the ground.  I picked them up and put them on the plate and served them to the class.  Nobody knew.
  8. I'm balled.
  9. I love Mathematics!  no one ever says this but some of us do love math! :)
  10. XXXXX wants to be a ballerina
  11. I am a big Justin Bieber fan
  12. Taylor Swift is really hot, and is a good singer
  13. I live girls music, (lady gaga, Fergie)
  14. I have an awesome husband <3
  15. I never learned the solo to Bodysnatchers for the Radiohead show
  16. I still like the band Eiffel 65 and their album Europop
  17. Always remember to tell your parents you love them- they disappear too quickly
  18. I am Jewish
  19. XXXXX is less cool than she thinks she is.  THANKYOU!
  20. I haven't taken a shower in 3 days!  Ahhh!!!
  21. I used to wet the bed - until I was 12.   :)
  22. I want a new job!
  23. I love my daughter so much!
  24. I'm not wearing underwear
  25. One time I stole $100.00 from my Brothers assadlant
  26. I claim to hate all the poppy songs like Selena Gomez's "Naturally," but I know half the words.
  27. I'm Just Plain Old!
  28. I talk to myself in a British accent.
  29. I want to be a star 


Anonymous said...

for some reason I find the misspelled one interesting - maybe you could take a pic of that one and start a new section for ...uh, "visually interesting" secret notes...?!

The Shea-ZAM(tm) Lunaverse said...

Originally we brought markers to THE STAND thinking there may be some people who would prefer to respond in a more artistic fashion but that whole element hasn't taken off. I love that idea and may at some point get around to suggesting people post artistic renderings to this site.
I've been debating your suggestion about posting photos of the notes. So much can be garnered by seeing script -not all of it accurate, of course, but accuracy is an issue that, like honesty, is in the eye of the beholder, and not something I see myself trying to ferret out. However, script also has the potential for identification and the most fundamental component of this entire experience (in my eyes) is that people's secrets are safe. We don't read them when they ride away, we don't peek over their shoulders when the write them. If they want their picture taken and posted on our site, terrific, but other than that, I am reluctant to link anyone in any way to a secret that they share with us. I'll probably write more about this in our ETHICS section as this is such an important issue in this era and is at the heart of this project. Thanks, though, for your suggestion. I totally agree with you that the misspelled ones are interesting.