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Friday, July 16, 2010

Commentary and Secrets July 9 One Gallon of berry punch = 15 secrets

We went through a gallon of berry punch in less than an hour. What with it being 84 degrees that was no surprise. It was a whirlwind, much like yesterday, not a minute between confessors and conversationalists, some stopping cuz it was a lemonade stand, others cuz it was free. Yet almost all lingered in the shade, bandying about the nature of confession and commerce and souls and chocolate and childhood over a cup of elixir or two.
Reading the secrets later we couldn't help but guess at the writers of each, some obvious (we know who you are smiley face lady and Z, you'd better step up or Luna is gonna show up on your doorstep and give you what for). Who had a finger burned off and is it important that we didn't notice? Was the stalker one of those boys? Who has one kidney? Would we have treated any of you differently if we'd read these confessions before you arrived? Surely we would have been impressed to know of the 65 year old riding his (I have my suspicions) bicycle across the country, but shouldn't we be impressed by everyone. always. anyway. (as the kids would punctuate) regardless of what we do or don't know...


1. I think one of my good friends is becoming very annoying. He seems to be stalking me...I feel like ignoring him but this is a secret

2. I think one of my friends is kind of creepy...I mean he is a good friend but he is like ... stalking my sister sort of .... hahaha oh, well, it's a secret.

3. I rode solo on my bicycle from San Diego to San Augustine when I was 65 years old.

4. We live in heaven yet don't behave like it yet! Welcome Home.

5. I got my finger burned off.

6. I like it when it rains.

7. I skateboard.

8. I get my spanish friend to do my spanish homework.

9. I hide my money from my parents when I get it.

10. When it is a cloudy day me and my friend play Zoo Tycoon 2

11. I have fallin off my bike

12. I have a dog.

13. I still use wipes

14. I hope Z wants to marry me someday.

15. I have one kidney

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