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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making Lemonade ... POLLS!

   I spent yesterday researching other hosting sites(big shout out "Thank you" to Elisa for sending me links and boosting my morale!) and talking to web developers - or atleast sending the few I know emails.  And that wasn't any fun.  I'm open to making a change, but that is not where I want to put my energy.  If anyone out there wants to help me relocate, I'll buy the pizza and beer, but otherwise, we're staying put for now.  Luna will be back this evening and maybe we'll venture back to our shady spot on the trail and we'll have more secrets to post tonight. 

In the interim, I've created Favorite Secret Polls for each day!!! If people vote, I'll periodically aggregate the polls and do a "Best of Fav Secrets".


Anonymous said...

Love it! How fun! ;-)

The Shea-ZAM(tm) Lunaverse said...

Thanks! We'll see if people actually vote. The polls are a bit cumbersome. I can only use a few characters for each line so I try to capture the essence of the secret. I haven't figured out how to order the polls, so they don't scroll chronologically.