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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Out of School and into


Luna and I are hosting a blog about a lemonade stand.  Although this may be your average blog, it certainly isn't your average lemonade stand. 

 No ma'am, this lemonade stand is taking a stand...A  stand for freedom! A stand for compassion! 

We ain't making lemonade out of lemons, no sir. That's simple science.  What are we making?

We're making compassion out of guilt.
We're making revelations out of secrets.
We are making punch lines out of confessions.

Those are some pretty lofty promises, I know. So how, pray tell, do we propose to counter the effects of human nature and capitalism, while embracing the very essence of both? Why, by giving it all away, of course.

By GIVING AWAY the lemonade AND the secrets and confessions.

By GIVING you a REASON and an OPPORTUNITY to give away the guilt and the shame.

By exposing the soft underbelly that is all of humanity; that web of guilt and pain and humor and hunger that drives and paralyzes us all ...
...and washing it down with some sugah.

Freeyours0ulwithfree lemonade

Let me say that again. We're giving away the lemonade. In exchange we ask that the recipient of our elixir write an anonymous secret and deposit it into our confessional box. Absolution that quenches your thirst and your conscience...yup, let the revolution begin!

Each night we'll post secrets HERE on seattleSCOLL.blogspot.com and everyday we'll give away the URL to this site and those very secrets at the lemonade stand

of spreading compassion.
So why would we want to rid people of their guilt? Why do we care if people have a more compassionate view of humanity?

Well, I can't answer for Luna, but my reasons are pretty simple:
  •  it's fun to hang out with one of the most insightful and perceptive people I know, my lovely daughter, Luna, talking philosophy, marketing,  ideology and trash
  •  it's fun talking with all the people who STAND by THE STAND
  •  it's fun to read people's secrets.
    •  And, you know, a little compassion and freedom would be sweet...plus now my kid will have a pretty good "what I did over summer vacation" story to tell...

    And just to be somewhat transparent, alms are, of course, accepted.


    And there will be brownies for sale for anyone needing to purchase some brownie points.

    Today was our trial run and I have some secrets to post below.  Be sure to also check out  our pages on the right hand side of this post, below the google.ad as well.   

    Our Pages include the daily posts you read here separated into subject digests as well as some other treats:

    meandering thoughts and observations
    informed by standing in the shadow of a lemonade stand.

    a charming collection of secrets and confession offered by people on the Bike Path

    Internet (You!) Secrets and Confessions:

    A place for you to free your soul free of lemonade. 
    How often do you have an opportunity to unburden your conscience and
    to give your fellow humans cause to free their own?


    Spread it, baby!


    Anonymous said...

    Love this idea! Great blog!

    The Shea-ZAM(tm) Lunaverse said...


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