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Friday, July 16, 2010

Commentary and Secrets: Two-Fer July 15th and July 14th

We've fallen behind in our posting. Yikes!  Well, I'll be brief because I have A LOT of secrets to post and they are FANTASTIC!  Maybe I feel that way because I'm really taken with all the people who've stopped at our stand.  Their/your enthusiasm is contagious!

I have a theory about what is giving people such a kick about our "Free your soul with Free Lemonade" stand and  it isn't that is free and it is only kind of because it's about secrets...well, it's a lot that it's about secrets, but I think it's much more than that.  

My theory is that our stand gives people an excuse to give something of themselves.  I think they are tickled because we are asking them for something and they are able to give it.  And what makes it even better is that what we are asking for is a piece of themselves.  A piece of themselves that just maybe they don't feel safe sharing with most people.  And we will take it, hold it and not hurt them with it...ever.   

On one hand what is being played out is the very essence of community:   an excuse to give something, to share something, to be a part of something larger than oneself.  But what is being shared is anonymous and potentially shameful and secret.  Our stand provides a communal interaction from which everyone can walk away completely unscathed but a little less unknown,  forever. ... and then revisit through the grille of the internet...

Couple noteworthy events:  
  • Yesterday, 5 minutes after setting up  and surrounded by our first crowd, we spilled two gallons of lemonade to appease the gods of sugar and technology 
  • We're franchising!  In business  a mere 7 days and already murmurings of "AlaskaSCOLL" are in the air.  Can you believe it??  Woot!


  1. I'm thinking about moving to New Zealand in a month and I'm not telling anyone.
  2. I cheated on all my lovers.  (I don't do it anymore, got married)
  3. I am a hardcore Republican
  4. I cheated on spelling test in 2nd grade
  5. My secret is my first time on a bicycle, my shoe strings got caught in my pedals and I cried.
  6. When I was 10 I stole candybars from my neighbor while she was cooking my lunches!  I feel bad she was wonderful!  (20 years later - she told me she knew the whole time)
  7. Secret:  My tushy hurts!
  8. I'm pregnant!
  9. I have pee stains on my underwear
  10. I have Hemeroids
  11. I <3 DJ
  12. I worked illegelly in France for 4 years and loved it! :)
  13. I once had a spit war with my grade school crush and got in BIG trouble
  14. I have not shaved in a long time!
  15. I got sent to the princaple's office throwing a snowball.
  16. I feel broken...  Thanks you for the lemonade. ---------this guy.
  17. I got sent to the princibles offece because a girl atacked me and I deffended my self
  18. I am terrible at basketball & I dont tan, its only the refraction of light, through my red leg hair :)  Thank you for the lemonade
  19. I've Loved more THAN ONE of the girls I've Broken Up with
  20. I am very affraid of Marriage
  21. I watch bad reality shows like The Real World.
  22. Well - I sometimes lose my temper + yell @ my kidz.  Later I'm sorry.
  23. I'd like to circumnavigate the globe.  This year.
  24. I'm going to do the stp in one day on saturday for the first time, but i am going to have my brother follow me in my car to drive me to portland if I get too tired or to the nearest hotel and ride the rest of the way on sunday.
  25. I am a straight guy and love romantic movies

  1. My past 100 lives I have been a man in this lifetime I am here to write many books and change the unsustainable path that humanity is currently on.
  2. I'm Happy But not Everyone Knows it.
  3. Pie is not suposed to be alive
  4. Michael Jackson lives!!!
  5. The secret is that you will always have a lucky star within every constellation in the sky, learn them and they will be your friends forever with you: day and night.
  6. I wish that I could be a kid again.  It gets so busy as an adult that I have almost forgotten how to relax.
  7. I'm a pre op Boy
  8. I'be been in school for 4 years and I don't even think I like what I'm doing!
  9. I'm skipping work this afternoon to play in the sun :)
  10. I was 5 years old when I received my first gold fish and I was so excited i named it Erin.  My name is Erin.
  11. I like Brittney Spears  -Anon-
  12. I sneak in my brothers room.
  13. one time i peed in a bush ...
  14. One time I peed in my backyard when I was locked out.
  15. Dragons are real (and danger us)  

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