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Friday, July 16, 2010

Modifications, demographics and biases (July 11, 2010)

We took the day off to regroup, do some cost benefit analysis, plot future courses and engage in other forms of lemonade stand related strategery. In short, we went swimming. I am sorry to report that we have no secrets to report - I don't think being a slacker is a secret. However, in keeping with the blog ethos (post daily until we realize no one is reading this and then find some other schtick to entertain us), I'm here and I'm blogging important updates.

First off, we have a very important modification to which to alert you. We are not selling the URL, we're givin' it away. You read that right, we're givin' it away. I know I know. It's like when we yell out, "Lemonade, it's free!" and the bikers do the "whaaaaa?" double take and slow down...that's when we throw out the, "there's no shame in turning around. Faster bikers than you have done it. Come back here and check out these tire skid marks." We discussed the skid mark element of this statement and concluded that given we are SELLING brownies, skid mark should be prefaced with "tire" to minimize any possible negative association the phrase "skid marks" could have on a potential buyer. After all, 14 year old boys comprise a significant faction of our consumer base.

Other modifications you may or may not have noticed: Pages now consist of Secrets from the Internet (You!) and a complete restructuring of our daily posts, separating our Commentary from the actual Secrets so that all Lemonade Stand garnered secrets will be catalogued in one easy to access location...no need to read our witty, albeit, verbose and occasionally obscure observations.

You can look forward to more about demographics and biases another day... my slacker gene is expressing it's dominance...

*well, actually, no we didn't say we'd protect people's secrets. We actually said we'd post them.  I got caught up in the drama.  That said, I don't think anyone has shared any tightly held, psyche defining secrets, either...yet. YOU COULD BE THE FIRST ONE! Visit Secrets from the Internet (You!) and try your hand at some honesty...

FYI to the young semi retired guy who stood around the lemonade stand for sooooooo long "confessing" you didn't have any secrets or confessions, thanks for buying the brownies...but we're not buying your story. And it kind of makes you seem creepy.

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