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Friday, July 16, 2010

Commentary and Secrets: The Case of the Would Be Brownie Thief July 13, 2010

Wow, it's funny how business comes and goes, packs of people hover and then disperse and only the sound of an empty lemonade cup blowing across the bike path can be heard for miles. Only to be jolted back into reality by a brownie seeking 4 year old exploring different shock and awe tactics to overcome the righteous templars of the brownie, aka me and mom.
She employed footwear and currency among her many weapons in her deceptive practices but she was denied access to the brownie repeatedly. "Accidently", she lost her shoe and came hobbling to mom complaining it hurt too much too walk reasoning that therefore mom would have to get it ... giving Shea the opportuity too steal a forbidden brownie. Unfortunately for her, somebody else took care of bringing
it back. Then she had the crazy idea of stealing money and pretending to be a customer, luckily my sharp eyes recognized the guilty girl. Then there was the pick pocketing event involving visa and a flabbergasted biker and the tattooing of mom's legs while mom's attention was diverted, but you get the point...the templar retained control, but it was an ardous task, believe me!
I really do wonder (please answer me)if anybody is reading this. You better be because writing this is boring and hard,I mean the lemonade stand's fun but this, this is a pain. So please,please comment or just become a follower!

who me?

  1. I secretly pretend I'm from england or france - je parle francais
  2. We are beautiful molecular machines
  3. I ate all the choclets
  4. Elvis lives
  5. We LOVE Brownies!! :)
  6. I love Carol
  7. I love free lemonade and free beaches
  8. I like to dance naked
  9. I have never had Ben and Jerry's ... EVER
  10. I want to marry Kerry (or movry Kelly or Keily)
  11. Owen likes Tron and light cycles
  12. I once killed a porcupine
  13. What kind of hats do they wear in the artic?   Ice caps
  14. I think this is the best lemonaid ever!
  15. I wish I knew how to tell people that my dad is sick.  I feel too awkward about it
  16. I once ate all my friend's pie.
  17. Left 4, Right 10, left 20
  18. I can eat an entire bag (1 lb) of candy in one sitting.
  19. When you turn 13 I'm going to make a bedroom for you downsairs and you no longer have to share a bedroom with your 4 yr. old brother.
  20. My parents had face lifts in the 60's and would have died if anyone found out.  My mom never knew that I even knew.
  21. Sometimes I wish my daughter would just stop talking!
  22. My parents own a candy store and in the middle of the night i would sneak down and grab a snack.  Technically this is not much of a secret because everyone assumed we did that. :)
  23. I wear my cycling jersey at least 5 times before washing it.


Anonymous said...

wow these are great secrets - seems like you are starting to see types or categories of secrets emerging, cool!

The Shea-ZAM(tm) Lunaverse said...

I agree! So much to play with and think about, but I'm keeping it simple and pure for now.