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Saturday, July 31, 2010

T-Shirts, Rituals and Your Mother - July 31, 2010 (PG-13)

This just in:
Last night it became apparent that the process of keeping all these secrets is cramping our style - literally.  Sure, it's nothing like the toxicity carrying these secrets has had for some of you and I fully appreciate that.  That said, for both of us, or rather, for all of us (and I mean the Royal "ALL"), I've decided that the best thing to do with them is BURN THEM!   I'm debating scheduling the day o' release ritual on either August 22nd or September 21st, as both these dates have witness enormous trauma in our lives.  To release a little of that with all of your secrets might be a nice symbol...   

More details about 8/22 & 9/21 may or may not be forthcoming in future installments on this blog...

Moving on:
The other big event in August is our Punk Rock T-Shirt drawing for FOLLOWERS of our blog.  As it stands today, there are 7 contenders (family members  and "anonymous followers" are excluded), so your odds are pretty good, you crazy kids!  We have yet to actually make the Punk Rock t-shirt or devise the time, place or select a random number generator to select said lucky recipient, but it's gonna happen, so follow us if you want to win the Punk Rock t-shirt!

What was said:
Speaking of t-shirts, I wish I had taken a picture of my fav t-shirt or could remember the website where the bearer of said t-shirt said we could purchase said t-shirt.  The t-shirt said, "Your mother eats lunch for breakfast."  I know her!  My idol!

Movie Night:
I cannot believe that the family is watching "Grease" on t.v. right now!  Our "Family Movie" was supposed to be "Creature Comforts".  "Thpace"

T-shirts, Rituals and Your Mother, July 31, 2010
PG-13 Secrets
  1. My secret is I have a crush on a goal keeper :)
  2. Secret #1 it's my pie dough.  i put vinegar in my pie dough.  don't tell.
  3. My son loves to keep deadbees as part of his 'Nature Connection'.
  4. Computers are the best part of grad school
  5. I like Cathy
  7. I have catered weddings for 5 years & we always take bets on 1) how long it will last 2) how drunk the bride will get & 3)sometimes get drunk on the job
  8. There are days I do not like spending time with my book club members
  9. I love to squeeze jello thru my teeth
  10. Being Chinese makes me uncomfortable
  11. My son became a criminal and died a violent death because of his reactions to my selfish neglect of him in his childhood
  12. I Love Your Lemon Bars.
  13. Being an adult - not as good as advertised
  14. I don't speak spanish, but everyone thinks I do.
  15. A secret ingredient for lemonade is lavender blossoms

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