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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Secrets

  We went to the bike path sold lemonade. Here are the secrets:

NEW SECRETS (July 27,2010)

  1. I feel somewhat responsible for my little brother's problems :(
  2. We've had a dog for 17 years and I hate dogs!
  3. I like limp day-old ceasar salad.
  4. Lately I've had a hard time with maintaining a positive attitude and self confidence.  This is something I'm working on everyday.
  5. I want to quit my job - which should be perfect for me
  6. Bruce's secrets (bruce is a dog): He has a secret door.  His favorite thing to eat - everything!
  7. I broke sixteen eggs of my neaulyers (?) house!
  8. I'm truelly asian but no body knows it.
  9. When I went to Paris I kissed a fat asian dude
  10. I'm missing my two front teeth.
  11. My secrets are too sad to share.
  12. I have wanted to marry peter since we first started dating.
  13. I'm scared of moving to sacramento in august.
  14. I like a dude name Denrick.  Jealous!
  15. I do not like my bruthrs
  16. My friend hates grass and I do too.
  17. I stole my brothers allowance
  18. When no one is here I turn up the music all the way and have my own dance party
  19. I have one thousand dorlare in my back yard.
  20. I only rode today for the lemonade
  21. When I clean my room I really just throw it all under the bed
  22. Just between you and me, I love lemon bars so much that i want tot marry one
  23. I don't really like lemonade
  24. I'm very lonely.  I think my 12 year old daughter and I are drifting apart.

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