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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Commentary and Secrets : Friday Evening Mojo Happenin' (July 16)

Each day I am increasingly astonished by both
  1. the degree of insight and honesty pervading the secrets people share and
  2. that they chose to share them with us.  
Accordingly, today was a banner day for the freeing of secrets.

I think the synergy of  
  • Luna prompting "write a good secret;  the juicier the better"
  • fostered by that ole collective unconscious rollerblading down the bike path in a gold lamay suit trailing gold, silver  and hot pink stars and dosing the airwaves with a high end concoction of the good stuff
  • all set on the evening stage, on a Friday evening stage, no less,
led to the pervasion of good stuff: insight and honesty.

Thanks to everyone for participating!  So many of these secrets have resonated with us in ways we can't quite articulate (yet) ...  and we wish things we can't quite imagine (yet) ...

  1. I have to fart.  But I'm riding with a girl I'm trying to impress.  Painful.
  2. Most people like me but I don't like myself.
  3. I look in the mirror and see Ryan Reynolds
  4. I like being with 1 person at a time, rather than big groups and I tend to try to avoid hanging out with lots of friends.  I think too much with too many people.
  5. I like listening to hip hop music even though I deny it.
  6. I have secret money hidden away!
  7. I stole a candy bar when i was in 5th grade.
  8. I had 3 donuts this morning. :)
  9. I purposely push myself too hard at work so when I come home, i don't have to do any chores because I am "too tired"
  10. I am 55 years old
  11. I like to make cookie dough just to eat & not even make into cookies
  12. I copied my answers in exam from my friend.
  13. I'm really nice
  14. I'm in love with a singer from Oregon but I have a bf.
  15. My secret is that I'm 1000 yrs. old.  signed Big Liar
  16. I'm sometimes scared that I may never get married
  17. I live in Hawaii but to me, Seattle is true paradise.
  18. I am 29 years old and its only the 10th time I have ever ridden a bike.
  19. I secretly wish that we would decide to get married right now instead of having a big party and inviting a lot of people.  Just a small ceremony would be perfect!
  20. Sometimes I like when our cats come and wake us up, even though my girlfriend hates when that happens. :)
  21. Confession:  I confess that I love banana bread and nice people who give out free lemonade
  22. I have no secrets
  23. I have guilt regarding my brother.  We have no relationship, & it makes me incredibly sad.
  24. I can't blow up balloons!

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